Flying to Paris

What GA airfield to Paris?

Below some information which might be useful to help you to choose your destination. I don’t guarantee their accuracy, and as always, you should check by yourself before making any decision.

-Le Bourget, open H24, with Customs & Immigration. Mandatory Handling. I believe the cost for a one night stop with a small plane would be around 600 euros. VFR is forbidden as a rule, only SAR, police, etc. flights are allowed under VFR. From time to time fly ins are scheduled there, so I believe a  special authorisation to fly in under VFR might be obtained. No Avgas.

-Chelles Les Pins: a permanent notam forbids it for non based aircrafts.

-Lognes: a full Customs & Immigration service is possible if requested in advance. VFR Day only. A small hard surface parking is available with lines to tie down your aircraft. A larger grass parking is also available. If you need a hard surface parking, call in advance. Y FPL is possible only if your last fix is BRY, then you can make an approach at Melun, and fly under special VFR, then VFR, to Lognes. Air Total card self service for Avgas. If you don’t have an Air Total card, check the VAC for the procedure, and call in advance to double check.

Very important: Uber works from Lognes! It’s almost impossible to get a taxi on a short notice in France out of Paris. As Lognes is close to Paris, there are almost always Uber drivers available in the vicinity of Lognes.It’s the only GA airfield I know of with an easy access to Uber.

The train (RER A direct to Paris and Disneyland) is at a 20-30mn walking distance.

-Melun: quite far from Paris, IFR/VFR day and  night (late on request). I’ve no experience of that airfield. I believe that commuting to Paris must be difficult. Immigration & Customs don’t seem available

-Toussus Le Noble: Customs only, no Immigration, which means you can only fly from/to within the Schengen area. At the beginning of each month a notam is issued which tells you on what days ATC will be available. In May 2016, ATC was available every other day on the average. When ATC is not available, the airfield is forbidden to non based aircrafts! You may obtain a special authorisation yet, if you ask in advance. Although the Uber app works, you must be very lucky to get a car, don’t count on it. Hard surface parking is available. You can call Farman to check if they have hangarage available should you require it. No easy public transportation. Open day and night (but not very late), IFR/VFR, hard surface runway. Easy Avgas with a truck, you may pay cash (although the guy has no change to give you back), with a Total card, and probably with a credit card.

-Saint Cyr l’Ecole: the easiest airfield to commute to Paris. Short walking distance to the station,  (RER C/N/U, direct to Montparnasse, La Défense, Tour Eiffel, Saint Michel, Gare d’Austerlitz). VFR Day, grass runways only. I don’t know about the Fuel, I think that a BP card might work, or you have to ask an Aeroclub. View of the Château de Versailles from the Circuit. Check the notams and do prepare your navigation, the arrival is not easy because of the many built-up areas you must avoid, and the proximity to Chavenay airfield. The VAC describes a recommended route.